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Kawaii Supplies Premium Box (April 2014) Review

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Hello everyone!

Just finished all my exams and recently come back from my vacation in the Bahamas! So happy to spend couple days with my lovely friends :) I am really sorry for not being able to blog the last few weeks. However, I am back to blogging and will spend more time on my blog :)

Today, I want to share with you all a new Canadian subscription snackbox! Kawaii Supplies kindly sent me this package for review. I first discovered Kawaii Supplies from Jill's review over at Canadian Subscription Box Addict. Special thanks to Kawaii Supplies for given me the opportunity to try out there Premium snackbox and to Jill for introducing me to this wonderful new snackbox.

What is Kawaii Supplies? 
Kawaii Supplies is a Alberta based company, all of their products/snacks come directly from Japan! Snacks included in the package will vary each month. They ships from Canada.

What type of monthly subscription service do they offer? 
Kawaii Supplies
offers 4 types monthly subscriptions service to their snack subscribers. It range from $10-15 dollars depending on the type of box you choose. Below is the boxes they offer to their snack subscribers:

  • Mystery Snack Pack A - $10 CAD per month (includes shipping/taxes)
  • Mystery Snack Pack B - $10 CAD per month (includes shipping/taxes )
  • 1 month subscription -  $15 CAD per month  (includes shipping/taxes)
  • 1 month Premium subscription - $15 CAD per month + additional shipping (shipping cost varies depending on the location)
  • Ship to Canada Only.

In the Premium package I had received 21 different types of small and large treats. The package came inside a box with a product description card included. Within the 21 snacks, some snacks were duplicate which is good idea so that I can share with my family :)

They are the following:
♥ Potato Fry x 2
This is the first thing I ate from this snackbox!!! It was so tasty! It is similar to a rice cracker. I really like this snack, wonder where I can buy this in Canada?

♥ Pierre Ojisan No Roll Cake (Strawberry flavoured)  X 2
One of my favorite fruit is strawberry! This is the second thing I ate today as a snack! It taste amazing, not too sweet, very flavorful and yummy!!! I will share the second one with my sister :)

♥ Melon Pandaro
I love cookie, I can't wait to try this out! This is a buttery short-bread cookie that has a hint of melon aroma.
♥ Mochi Taro
A great snack for-the-go! I love anything salty, this is bite-size rice crackers!

♥ Makken Gumi
This is a cider flavor gummy candy! I personally not a big fan of hard or gummy candies, I only like chocolate lol. I will share this with my little sister, as she love any type of candies :)  

♥ Puchi Du Choco (Strawberry)
Another cookie in my box, I love cookie in general! This is a crunchy cookie covered in strawberry flavored chocolate!!! Sound So yummy!!!

♥ Koibito Boshoochoo (Strawberry)
This is a strawberry flavored chocolate lollipop!

♥ Ramune Iro Iro and Puccho I had received couple different candies inside this little package, it included sour candies and favorable candies that are chewy and has a bit of sourness as described in the list provided by Kawaii Supplies!

♥ Pucchibi
Another candy inside this box.

♥ New Fue Ramune
More describe by the list provided in the package "it is a whistle candy, that you can blow through the hole to hear the whistle sound"

♥ Umai-bo (Teriyaki) X 2
I got two of this snack in my box, i haven't try this yet but as described by Kawaii Supplies "this is a puffed snack that has the texture of Cheetos but without the cheese flavor". The packaging look so cute with doraemon on it :) Doraemon was my favorite cartoon character when I was young.

♥ Budou No Bi
This is a grape flavored chewy candy, I am sure my sister will love this as she love Candies!

♥ Hiyatoo Curu Candy
More Candies!

♥ Simi Choco Corn (Chocolate) X 2I got two of this snacks in my box, it is a chocolate stick. Can't wait to try this out!

♥ Calcium Sen  15

A mild sweet cracker, not too sweet, not too salty!  Can't wait to try this!

♥ Yoiko Waruiko (Cola, Green Apple, Cider - 3 flavours) 16 / 17 X2

I got two of this snacks in my box, they are various flavours hard candies!

My thoughts:
This is a wonderful snackbox idea, I am very happy to see Kawaii Supplies revised in their monthly packaging and included a product card in this Premium Box. This is an inexpensive box and is a wonderful opportunity to try out various snacks made from Japan. It is also a great idea to bring these little treats on-the-go, to school or even to work!  Some downside is as follow:  I found one of treat crushed or broken, the Calcium Sen I had received in the box was crushed. Maybe they should think about revising the packaging to ensure snacks are not broken when shipping to their subscriber.  Also, since I am not a fan of hard or soft candies. I noticed half of the box were candies, it will be nice to see more variety of snacks in the box. However, this certainly would make a great gift idea for anyone who are interested of trying tasty snacks from Japan!

What do you think of Kawaii Supplies Snackbox? Will you give it a try?



Janet H.
Beautyboxchic *

**Disclaimer: This package was received complimentary for review. Special thanks to Kawaii Supplies.***


  1. Omg the pandoro looks so cute and yummy!! So nice to see that there's suprise boxes for so many differnt things now :-D

    Macarons and Mischief

    1. The pandaro was supper yummy :) I am so suprises too there are so many different subscirption boxes, but it alway so nice to check out new boxes~~ thank you for stopping by my blog, you are so so sweet ^^ I will come visit your blog later this week, sorry for late reply, last few weeks been so busy for me, hope to talk to you soon, have a good week (:

  2. Wow. You got awesome goodies dear. How are you dear? We missed you doll on your blog.

    1. I been so busy Belle, sorry for late reply, I miss you lots too!!! I will come by your blog later this week ^^ Thank you for your support and stopping by my blog, hope to talk to you soon, hugs xo

  3. they all look so cute and colorful. Surprise with the mochi taro, i thought it would be like the usual soft mochi :)

    1. I really like this snackbox idea too, there are so many Japanese snacks :) It so great how Kawaii surprises give me the opportunity to all these different snacks out, thank you so much for stopping by, i will come by your blog and visit you later this week :)

  4. Wow! Everything looks cute! Hoping to have a snack box subscription in my country too. I would definitely subscribe to that! :)

    Check out my recent post: April Collective Haul

    1. This is a great idea Jean :) I hope they offer this in your country soon too ^^

  5. i want that lemon pandaro :3 not sure if we have snack boxes here already but i keep seeing this in the blogsphere and YT. i wanna try the nature box :D btw bahamas looks beautiful in these photos!

    1. I really like the lemon flavor too, it was very yummy :) Thank you, i have so much fun in bahamas :D

  6. Oh so cool.. I love this box - will get one in the near future.

    1. I really like it too, this company is based in Alberta, a great canadian company :)

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