Sunday, January 24, 2016

Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bars Review + Impression (Product Review Club)

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Do you love chocolate? Having a piece of dark chocolate is a great treat to indulge your sweet tooth. It is also a healthier alternative for your chocolate fix. It is almost the month of February and Valentine's Day is nearing. Are you looking for an alternative in giving your special someone dark chocolate instead? I have a brand here for you to consider! A few weeks ago, I was selected by ChicAdvisor's Review Club to review these new Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bars. Here is a quick review for you all!

**Disclaimer: I received this Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bars as part of the ChicAdvisor's Review Club .All review are my 100% honest opinions and no compensation was given.**

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Jolly Table First impression + Thoughts

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Do you want to make your own gourmet meal in the comfort of your own home? Or are you looking for a new date night idea? Here is a solution for you to consider. Back in December 2015, I tried out The Jolly Table home delivery service for the very first time. Do you want to learn more about The Jolly Table ? Read on to discover what they have to offer!

**Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I have purchased this from The Jolly Table . Thank you.**

What is The Jolly Table?  
The Jolly Table is a Calgary based company. All their recipes are original and crafted with simple, fresh ingredients created by their executive chef. Their motto,
"Good meals make easy"  - The Jolly Table  

4 steps to consider:
1. You choose a dish that appeals to you (all recipes are designed easy to cook and created
by their executive chef. Their menu varies each week.)

2. They deliver all the ingredients to your home (Free delivery to Calgary and areas), please visit
The Jolly Table  for further details 

3. They include simple step-by-step recipe cards as instructions (see below for pictures), you can also download their recipe cards online.

4. You cook in the comfort of your own home and Enjoy! 

Gosling’s Original ChopSaver Review + First Impression

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Hi Everyone, wishing you all happy 2016!!! :) 

During winter time, do you have dry chapped lips? Are you looking for a natural lip care alternative? Today, I am so excited to introduce a new product called Gosling’s Original ChopSaver . I was given the opportunity to try out this new lip balm out. Here is a quick review for you all!

**Disclaimer: This was received complimentary for review **