Sunday, January 17, 2016

Gosling’s Original ChopSaver Review + First Impression

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Hi Everyone, wishing you all happy 2016!!! :) 

During winter time, do you have dry chapped lips? Are you looking for a natural lip care alternative? Today, I am so excited to introduce a new product called Gosling’s Original ChopSaver . I was given the opportunity to try out this new lip balm out. Here is a quick review for you all!

**Disclaimer: This was received complimentary for review **

What is ChopSaver?  
ChopSaver was originally created by Dan Gosling. ChopSaver offers two different products. One is made with 100% natural ingredients and the other one with SPF 15. ChopSaver is full of amazing ingredients like shea & mango butter, avocado oil, aloe, citrus oils, grapeseed oil and arnica (they are all known for their healing and soothing qualities). Also, using ChopSaver will prevent your lips from swelling, inflaming, chapping and other general problems. It is so effective that dermatologists are also recommending this product. 
 - ChopSaver

♥Gosling's Original ChopSaver (0.15 oz/4.25g)
"Take lip rejuvenation up an octave " - ChopSaver
**Disclaimer: This was received complimentary for review **

- 100% natural ingredients
-no irritation after used
- great for all skin types, can be used daily
- dermatologist recommended
- very light texture, lovely citrus smell
-made with 10 certified organic ingredients listed below 

- Arina is a sunflower extract (one of the main ingredient) which keep the lip moisturized and rejuvenated after used.

-no retail stores in Canada
-this product can only be purchase online like amazon

**Disclaimer: This was received complimentary for review**

Total Value?
~$6 CAD

**Disclaimer: This picture was taken from ChopSaver website **

My thoughts:

Having healthy lips is essential for everyone. This product is a lovely all natural lip care alternative! What a great lip balm for the winter time! ChapSaver works really well on my prone sensitive skin,I have no irritation after used!! I love how it is made with 100% natural ingredients plus it smells amazing!! However, I am a little dissatisfied that this products is only available online and is not available in our local community natural foods store. Yet, my experience with ChopSaver have been great so far, I am really enjoy using this product and it has really been helping my dry chapped lips stay moisturized during this time of year.

Have you try ChopSaver before? If not, will you try this product out?

What lip balm are you current using to help with your chapped lips?

I would love to hear your thoughts.


Janet H.

**Disclaimer: This was received complimentary for review **


  1. I always have dry chapped lips. This looks great. Winters here are brutal so its vital you have something on hand at all times.

  2. I love lip balm and looking after my lips, especially in the cold weather. I haven't heard of Gosling’s Original ChopSaver before but I will check them out.

  3. Sounds like great products. I like that the ingredients are all natural.

  4. This sounds like a great product. I like that it has sunscreen it, my lips always burn.

  5. I'd definitely try it as I'm prone to chapped lips. I'm constantly reapplying lip balm!

  6. It sounds like a great product. I like that it has sunscreen in it, my lips always red and dry in the winter!

  7. My lips are are super dry and I'd love to try this!!! Wish it was in a drugstore!!

    Macarons and Mischief

  8. Seems like a good buy. Love the name of this brand/product too!

  9. Oooo this is definitely something I need to give a try! My lips are always so chapped during the winter!

  10. This looks a great product - I am suffering with very dry lips at the moment - It has a funny name doesn't it! Kaz :)

  11. Oh boo! I was just going to ask if we could get this in Canada. I am forever buying new lip gloss and then misplacing it. The only trick I have found to get my lips nice and smooth is to brush them with a tooth brush first and then add my lip gloss after.

    1. You might try Amazon.

  12. I collect lip balms like I have never seen one. I didn't know this brand until your post

  13. Oh that looks like some good lip balm. Is it available in stores in the USA?

  14. Lip balm is my thing especially on winter season. Knowing it was made from organic product I'm loving it :) how i wish they have strawberry flavor then its total package

  15. Very interesting... Never heard of it before, but may have to give them a try! Thanks for sharing!