Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Snackbox Review (March 2014) – Monthly Healthy Snack Subscription Box

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Hello everyone!

Today, I want to share with you all a food subscription box! I discovered this new food subscription box called Snackbox from Gwen over at . Special thanks to Gwen, she was the one that given me the wonderful opportunity to try out Snackbox from her giveaway back in December 2013!

Gwen from Devour & Conquer is a food blog filled with stories about interesting food from Canada's west coast. Her blog focus on seasons eating, review of restaurants, foodie-friendly products/services and new recipes. Please stopby and check out Devour & Conquer! Gwen is an amazing Canadian food blogger and she’s a sweetheart, so happy to e-meet her :)

What is Snackbox?  Snackbox  is a Vancouver-based company, each month snack subscriber will received 10 to 12 nutritionist approved snacks delivered to your door. Currently they only ship to Canada only!

Subscription plans are as follows:
1 month: 
 $33 / box + $6.95 Shipping = $39.95 (+tax)
3 months: $27 / box + $6.95 Shipping = $101.85 (+tax)
6 months: $24 / box + $6.95 Shipping = $185.70 (+tax)
Ship to Canada Only.
My current subscription status: Six moths subscriptions as of January 2014. 
(Cost $24 per box + $6.95 shipping extra. Ship to Canada only)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Topbox Review (March 2014) - Monthly Beauty Subscription Box

It the time of the month again, my Beauty Subscription Topbox just arrived this weekend! Last month's I recived my first Topbox, check out my February Topbox reviews. I have a great experience with them and cant wait to unbox my March Topbox  
My current subscription status: Month-to-month subscription as of March 2014.
(Cost $12 per month, shipping included. Tax extra. Ship to Canada only

What is Topbox?  Topbox is a monthly beauty subscription box service that delivers 4 deluxe beauty samples right to your door. They currently ship to Canada only. It cost $12 per month (shipping included. Tax extra). Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime!
Disclaimer: I purchase this Beauty Subscription from Topbox(Cost $12 per month,
shipping included. Tax extra. Ship to Canada only)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag Review (March 2014) - Monthly Beauty Subscription Box

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I want to share with you all another Beauty Subscription Box Service called Ipsy Glam Bag, this is my second Beauty Subscription Box!

Ipsy offer monthly subscription service that delivers 4-5 deluxe beauty samples right to your door! They ship to Canada and US. It cost $10 per month (shipping $4.95 extra to Canada).For more information on Ipsy or to subscribe, please visit their website and go see what they can offer in their monthly beauty subscription box 

Disclaimer: I purchase this Beauty Subscription Glam Bag from Ipsy  website 
(Cost $10 per month, shipping $4.95 extra to Canada. Ipsy  Ship to Canada and US)

Sorry for posting this later than i expected, school is getting so busy, i hope to work on my blog more after this semester is over. Thank you for everyone understanding :) Anyway, here my thoughts for the Ipsy March Glam bag! I received my shipping notification on March 7 and it  arrived on March 10, Ipsy delivery time is super fast! Very good first impression!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

L’Occitane Bath & Body Review

During winter months, L’Occitane is one of my favorite products to use! Due to the cold weather in Canada causing my skin to feel so dry and flaky! L’Occitane hand and body creams are very moisturizing, non-greasy and protect our skin from the harsh cold weather! One of my favorite scent is the Almond milk line! I have fallen in love with this line and can’t get enough of this! 

Disclaimer: (I purchased the products through L’Occitane
website for $56.10 CAD, shipping included, tax extra.)

L’Occitane purchase include:

Monday, March 3, 2014

Foreo Luna Review

I am delighted to introduce you all to a new skin-care cleaning device called 
Foreo Luna!

Disclaimer: I purchase this from Foreo website.
(Cost $229 CAD, shipping and tax extra. Ship worldwide.)

Foreo Luna is a skin-care cleansing device with anti-aging mode, it offers three different models ranging from ultra-sensitive, sensitive/normal and combination/dry skins type. Just using this device for the total of two minutes in the morning and at night, Luna will leave a healthy-looking glow on your skin and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It will also help clear away dead skin cells, remove dirt, oil and residue.