Monday, March 3, 2014

Foreo Luna Review

I am delighted to introduce you all to a new skin-care cleaning device called 
Foreo Luna!

Disclaimer: I purchase this from Foreo website.
(Cost $229 CAD, shipping and tax extra. Ship worldwide.)

Foreo Luna is a skin-care cleansing device with anti-aging mode, it offers three different models ranging from ultra-sensitive, sensitive/normal and combination/dry skins type. Just using this device for the total of two minutes in the morning and at night, Luna will leave a healthy-looking glow on your skin and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It will also help clear away dead skin cells, remove dirt, oil and residue.

Foreo Luna is 100% waterproof, nonporous, and easy to keep clean! One charge can last up to 450 times use (perfect to be used when traveling)! Luna use T-Sonic pulsations that applied across the surface of the skin and offer 8 different speeds which can tailored to your preference! For more detail about the Luna,please visit and go see what Foreo can offer 
Not only can we use Foreo Luna to clean our skin, it also offer an anti-aging mode, this is one of the major selling point why I choose to buy Luna! This function is like having two device in one!  With Luna, we don’t need to buy replacement brush heads!  I purchased the Luna around mid December of last year, I have been using this device the over two months now. I do notice a difference in my skin after using Luna! It really does enhance the effectiveness of my skincare products, leaving my skin feeling softer and cleaner after each use! Luna is very gentle to the skin! The model I am using is the sensitive/normal model (I choose this because it fit well for my skin type! Since my skin is quite resilient and prone sensitive, therefore I choose to use an ultra-gentle device). Also, the little tiny silicone on the top of the device really help build the lather foams from the cleansing wash I used, leaving my face feeling clean and soft after each use! 
One function that I love about Luna is that, it lets you know when to switch to a different area on your face, each area take about fifteen to twenty seconds! It amazing how cleansing our face only take one to two minute of our time in the morning and at night! I still haven’t recharge my Foreo Luna yet, the battery life between re-charges is awesome! I am very impressed how long the battery last! I find Luna gentle enough and I have been using Luna to clean my face twice a day since January! The Luna, cost around $229 CAD, shipping and tax extra. I am so excited to announce to you all that Foero Luna is now available at Sephora in Canada! For more information please visit Sephora!

Luna can be a little expensive especially for students! However, think about this as a long time investment! A good skin care device go a long way :)

What do you think of Foreo Luna? Have you tried the Foreo Luna? Do you use another cleansing tool? How do you rate the cleansing tool you are currently using?


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  1. It looks like mini speakers. hehe. I like the color and design. Do they ship in Philippines?

    1. I agree, it sure does lol, they do!!! They ship worldwide :) you should check out there website for more information when time, i really like this skin-care cleaning device!!! :)

  2. Love your review! It looks like computer speakers to me :D I like that this is pink. I hope they will come to my country as well so I can test it out :)

    1. Thank you <3 It sures does lol :D Me too, i love the colors pink and purple, so happy this Foreo Luna is Pink :) They ship worldwide :)

  3. Looks cool but that price tag.... too much for me