Thursday, February 20, 2014

Topbox Review (February 2014) - Monthly Beauty Subscription Box

This is my second blog post. I want to share a Beauty Subscription Box Service called Topbox with you all! Thank you for stopping by my blog to read my review :)

Disclaimer: I purchase this Beauty Subscription from 
(Cost $12 per month,
shipping included. Tax extra. Ship to Canada only)
Topbox offer monthly subscription service that delivers deluxe beauty samples right to your door. They currently ship to Canada only. It cost $12 per month (shipping included. Tax extra). Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime! However, there is a wait list to join Topbox. It took me over 6 weeks prior receiving an invitation to join, remember to be patient when put on wait-list :) 

My current subscription status: Month-to-month subscription as of February 2014.(Cost $12 per month, shipping included. Tax extra. Ship to Canada only)
After unboxing Topbox, I am so excited to share with you all what I received this month! All the products look so amazing! Below are the close up picture of the products I have received :)

♥ So Susan Water Based Pure Luminizer (Full Size 15g, Value $46 dollars)
I never try this brand before prior getting it in my Topbox but I am very happy to see a full size product! Love the packaging! Very convenient size! This will give you a soft glow effect, perfect to be used when going out!

♥ Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant (30ml, Value $15 dollars)
I wanted to try Elizabeth Arden product for very a long time now! I heard so many reviews about their Eight Hour Cream, can not wait to give this a try later this week!

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara and Pure Color Gloss in Rock Candy (Total 7.3 ml,Value between the two products are approximately $32 dollars)
It was nice to see Topbox also offer Estee Lauder products to their subscribers. This brand is one of my ongoing favorite ever since my mom introduce me to it, I love using EsteeLauder Advance Night Repair face and eye secure (maybe later next month I will do a review on this product, what do you guys think?). I love the mascara/lip gloss duo, so convenient to bring it on-the-go with you!

♥Zyderma HS Clarifying Cream (30ml, $25 dollars)
I never try this brand before prior getting it in my Topbox ! I will try this later this week! This is a clarifying cream, apply twice daily, do not need to rinse off! Available in 3 sizes (30ml $25, 60ml $59.95 and 120ml $99.95)

Overall my first impression of 
Topbox is WOW! I am so amazed what they offer to their subscribers! I am so impressed! I can't get over how fun and exciting beauty box subscription are, it always nice to have a little surprise waiting for you at your door step every month!

If you are interested in joining Topbox, please e-mail me at and I will send you an invite :) 

For more information on 
Topbox or to subscribe, visit and go see what they can offer in their monthly subscription 
What do you think of the February Topbox? Would you give it a try?

Jan H.


  1. Wow! You are so lucky to have so many products. I'm so excited to read your review about Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant :) Never heard it before. I guess it's a must have product to try. :)

    1. :) It a good beauty box, for only $12 dollars with tax and we get 4-5 beauty products to try everymth, which is a very good deal to try new products out! For sure, maybe later in june, i will write a review on Elizabeth Arden, I actually give this hand cream to my mom, she wanted to try this out but I will buy a set later to write a review and share my opinion with everyone :)

  2. Yay! Nice products you got for February! <3 I wanted to hear your thoughts on those esp. the Elizabeth Arden! Let me know if it's really working for 8 hours :)

    1. :) thank you, my experience with topbox been really gd, for sure, once I do an review I will keep you updated <3 thank u for ur support :)