Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Snackbox Review (March 2014) – Monthly Healthy Snack Subscription Box

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Hello everyone!

Today, I want to share with you all a food subscription box! I discovered this new food subscription box called Snackbox from Gwen over at . Special thanks to Gwen, she was the one that given me the wonderful opportunity to try out Snackbox from her giveaway back in December 2013!

Gwen from Devour & Conquer is a food blog filled with stories about interesting food from Canada's west coast. Her blog focus on seasons eating, review of restaurants, foodie-friendly products/services and new recipes. Please stopby and check out Devour & Conquer! Gwen is an amazing Canadian food blogger and she’s a sweetheart, so happy to e-meet her :)

What is Snackbox?  Snackbox  is a Vancouver-based company, each month snack subscriber will received 10 to 12 nutritionist approved snacks delivered to your door. Currently they only ship to Canada only!

Subscription plans are as follows:
1 month: 
 $33 / box + $6.95 Shipping = $39.95 (+tax)
3 months: $27 / box + $6.95 Shipping = $101.85 (+tax)
6 months: $24 / box + $6.95 Shipping = $185.70 (+tax)
Ship to Canada Only.
My current subscription status: Six moths subscriptions as of January 2014. 
(Cost $24 per box + $6.95 shipping extra. Ship to Canada only)

In my March Snackbox, I had found 18 different types of healthy nutritionist approved snacks! This is more than what I expected to get in my Snackbox!
They are the following:

The Ginger People – Ginger Soother (355ml bottle, Total Value $3.29)
This is the first thing I drink, this is a ginger drink with lemon and honey. A great pick me up! It was super refreshing and taste amazing! I really like this alot, since I really like ginger, it taste so good!
Hardbite Chips (23g bag, Total Value $1.25) 
This is the second thing I ate yesterday as a snack at school! It is a Smoking BBQ flavor chips!!!! It was Sooooo goooood :D This really satisfied my craving for chips and love the taste!

Wai Lana Cassava Chips in Sea Salt & Vinegar (28g bag, Total Value $2.99) 
Another chip in my box! I love chips in general! This is will be another great snacks for school tomorrow!

♥  Neal Brothers Foods Maple Bacon Chips (28g bag,Approx Total Value $2) 

Third chips in this month Snackbox! Snackbox  is on the roll! Cant wait to try this out!

Good Portion Sea Salt Saffron Roasted Pistachios (80g bag, Total Value $4.99) 
I haven’t eaten a pistachio for a long time, it is so nice to get this. Can’t wait to try sea salt-saffron flavored ones!

Whistler Chocolate 72% Cacao (80g bar, Total value $4.99) 
I love dark chocolate! Nothing beat chocolate other than chips! Can’t wait to try this as well!

Peppermint Glee Gum (16pc box, Total value $2.09) 
I love gum in general, this an aspartame free gum! Another type of aspartame free gum that I like is called Pur! Can’t wait to try Glee Gum! I only saw Glee gum at my local community natural food store before! It is so nice that Snackbox include this in our bo

Blue Diamond Nut Thins (Full Size! 128g box, Total value $4.27) 
Nut thins are a crunchy gluten-free crackers made with rice and almonds! So nice to get a FULL SIZE box of crackers plus I love almonds!

Tutti Gourmet Bana Krisp  (80g bag, Total value$5.49) 
Second box of snack crackers found in my march snackbox. They are fruit crackers made with cacao and almonds! Love almonds!

Sun Butter Sunflower Seed Spread (23g single serving, Total value $1.05) 
Nice! A spreadable sunflower seed butter, made with roasted sunflower seeds!  Another alternative to peanut butter! Cant wait to try it on my morning toast prior classes!

Peeled Snacks in Mango (40g package, Total value $2.99) 
Love mangoes! This is a dried fruit snack, plus no added sugar with a full serving of fruit in this package! I have seen this in Starbucks before but never have the chance to try it yet. Can’t wait to try it out!

♥ The Good Bean (70g package, Total value $5.99) 
This is a chickpeas snacks with a smoky chili and lime flavor to it! Very different, never try something like this before as a snack!

♥ Pamela's Product Whatever Bar (1 bar, Total value $1.20)
This is a snack bar made with oats, chia seeds, chocolate chips and coconut, it is also wheat-free!

♥ Nature's Bakery Fig Bar (56g Twin pack, Total value $1.66)This is another snack bar made with whole wheat blueberry! It is dairy free and made with all natural ingredients! 

♥ Ocean's Flavored Tuna - Sriracha (1 can, Total value $1.97) 
This is a Sriracha sauce canned tuna, this is different never saw this flavor in the supermarket before! I am worry that it will be very spicy, maybe my sisters or mom will enjoy this more,as I don't like food too spicy.

 Kimmy Snacks - Kimchi Seaweed (package, Total value $1.20) 
This is one of South Korea's finest Seaweed snacks! Love this ethnic snack, I personally love seaweed in general, so excited to see this in my snackbox! I haven't try kimchi flavor before, it is always nice to try something new!

Brother's All Natural Pineapple Fruit Crips (10g bag, $1.00) 
This is a freeze-dried pineapple snack by Fruit Crisps, there only ingredients is pineapple that is freeze-dried! They have the same nutrition value as fresh slice of pineapple!!

♥ Camino Dark Hot Chocolate (28g single serving, Total value $1.50)
This is an instant single serving organic dark hot chocolate! Nice treat for a cold day! Lately Calgary have been snowing, it is so nice to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with couple marshmallows by the fireplace!!! Already sound so Yummy!!!!!

Total value of March Snackbox? Over $49 dollarsWill I repurchase Snackbox? Yes, definitely will, they have sold me this month! What an amazing value box, it give me the opportunity to try out new healthy snacks! Totally impressed!!!

This is my third Snackbox , I have joined Snackbox since January 2014. Instead of beauty subscription boxes, I also look forward of receiving my Snackbox each month! As a student, sometime I don’t have time to prepare a proper meal. It is so nice and convenient to be able to bring these healthy snacks to school and on-the-go! I am really enjoying my subscription with Snackbox and wanted to share this with all of you!
What do you think of March Snackbox ? Will you give this a try?

Jan H.


  1. Congrats dear for winning it :) Looks a great snack box

    1. Thank you! I am so happy to given the opportunity to try out snackbox too, it is a great way to try healthy approved nutritional snacks!!! Very yummy :)

  2. Mmm this looks delish! You're making me hungry haha

    1. lol it is very delicious snacks :) I love how snackbox is a Vancouver based company, great way to try out healthy snacks in Canada :)

  3. you guys have the best subscription boxes ever :) im still waiting for something like this to hit my country, atm we only have beauty boxes. PS the nut thins snack looks super yummy :3

    1. I am sure something like this will hit your country very soon :) I know, i cant wait to try the nut thins snack too hehee, i love almond, anything made with almond I will like :) Hugs, Have a good weekend Shayne :) talk soon hugs

  4. A BOX OF FOOD and based in Vancouver?! That is an awesome box! AND I LOVE GINGER! I think I will love that drink, I never seen it in stores before.Mango tooo :3 I will check this site out!

    Macarons and Mischief

    1. Yupyup is a company based from Vancover :) I always enjoy supporting Canadian company :) Me too!!! I love ginger, it taste so good, I want to look for this drink again heheee, it was a really good drink, totally recommend it to others :) Mangoes look so yummy too, i haven't try it yet but maybe next week when I go to school, i will bring it as snack :) It nice to meet you, hope we can keep in touch hugs :)

  5. Wow Janet you got a lot! I hope we also have this here. I also want to have here the Olia box (accessories) I think I've tried the Cassava chips before, that particular one you got :D yummy! Enjoy your snacks my dear!

    1. It was a great snackbox this month :) I haven't heard of Olia box ,it will be nice to learn more about the Olia box and the services they offer :) I haven't try out the Cassava chips yet, maybe later next week, i will give it a try :D One thing i love about this snackbox they are nutritionist approved healthy snacks,so it is great to bring it with you on the go :) have a good weekend Genzel, talk to you soon hugs<3

  6. I'm glad the value is good! 6 months seems to be the best bang for the buck. I'll have to keep this subscription in mind.

    1. It is a very good value snack subscription box :) I totally agree, 6 months seems the best value!! One time I did received a promo code for $15 off for new subscriber to snackbox in my topbox subscription box, in the future when i received promo code for snackbox, I will email you and let you know :) Talk to you soon ♥

  7. This looks so good! Really tempted to try it now...I love snack and food :3

    1. It is very good!! I can keep you updated if you like, once a while snackbox provide promo code for new subscriber :) I really like this snackbox too, all their snacks are nutritionist approved snacks delivered to your door. by the way, arre you from Canada? :)

  8. YUMMM!!! i think i would absolutely love to get a snackbox mailed to me on a regular basis lol!! especially one that has healthy snacks because i tend to always snack on really bad things ie. high cal and low nutritional things lol!! this one looks so healthy but good!

    1. This box is really good, i really like it :) This is one of my favorite box, I really enjoy getting healthy snacks mail to me every month, it nice to meet you LIsa, hope we can keep in touch :) Talk soon

  9. OMG! this post of yours make me crave on junk foods. haha :) Glad your country had a different subscriptions. My country offers beauty products only.

    1. lol, is okay, i actually really like junk foods too but i am trying to look for a healthier alternative, and so happy to discover this subscription snackbox. I am sure in the future our country will also have different subscriptions box like this one :)

  10. That ginger drink looks realy good!

    1. It was a really good drink :) I really like the ginger taste~~

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