Friday, June 27, 2014

Wantable Intimates Box (May 2014) + Review

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Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday!!!

This is my second Wantable subscription box service, you may ask "what happened to my April subscription box"...I have actually skipped the month of April (due to tight budget that month and has resume my subscription for the month of May), I cant wait to share with all of you what I got in my May intimate box!

What is Wantable?  Wantable offers 3 types monthly subscriptions service including (Makeup, Accessories or Intimate Apparel). All the subscription boxes are hand-picked to match your personal profile and preferences so that you will never get anything you dislike based on your profile preference! Subscriptions can be skipped or cancelled at anytime. If you are unsatisfied with your subscription box, you can send back for a full refunds!

**Disclaimer: This post contains referral links. I pruchase this Wantable intimates box from Wantable website (Cost $36 month to month subscription, shipping/tax/duty fees $11.57 extra to Canada. Wantable currently ship to: Canada, Australia, UK and USA**

How much it is? $36 monthly subscriptions or $40 one-time purchase. $11.57 shipping/tax/duty fees extra to Canada. Wantable ship to Canada, USA, Australia and United Kingdom but tax and duty fees may vary. Currently, shipping is free in the USA only. 

Referral Program: Receive $10 credit for each friend you refer :)

For the month of May, I have set my preference as follows:
 Cynthia Rowley Floral Lace Liners - Beige ($18 dollars)
I really like this floral lace liners, it is so pretty and great to be used when wearing flats or our Toms during summertime!! It has built-in cushioning to help prevent blisters and provide extra comfort when we walk!! 

 Honeydew Essential Bliss Cami - Black ($30 dollars)
What a pretty cami, it is so soft, great for everyday wear!!! So pretty, i really like the lace detailed on this cami, I cant wait to try it out!!!

 Rhonda Shear Sweet Cupcake lace trim Panty - Strawberry ($18.90 dollars)
What a pretty shade of pink!! I love it!! So cute!! 

 St. Eve Boxers - Grey ($16 dollars)
I got a pair of short it is made from cotton, it look so cute and comfy, it also feature adorable polka dot print in "coarl, teal and purple".

♥ Uni Hosiery Wantable Seamless Boyshort - Taupe ($8 dollars)
In my box, I got a pair of boyshorts, I am not a fan of boyshorts but I dont mind trying it out :)

Total Value of May Wantable Intimates box?  
$90.90 dollars

My thoughts:
If you are looking into try something new and this box definitely catch my attention! Overall, I really like the surprise each inimate box bring me!! Eventhroguh they might be a bit expensive for students, I believe it is worth the price!!  My May Initmates box included five beautiful items, value around $91 dollars.
Wantable Intimates box is definitely great way to try new things and also venture out of your comfort zone! I am going to tweak my profile again for the month of July! PS: I skipped June intimate box due to my budget, I cant wait to see what July will bring me!! 

Btw, What do you think of my May Wantable Intimates box?

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Janet H.

**Disclaimer: This post contains referral links. I purchase this Wantable intimates box from Wantable website (Cost $36 month to month subscription, shipping/tax/duty fees $11.57 extra to Canada. Wantable ship to Canada, Australia, UK and USA**


  1. Hi Janet! Happy Friday :) Oh, they are really pretty especially the boxer shorts. Hehe. Glad that wantable offers 3 types of subscription and preferences what you like or not. Thanks for sharing.

    Nica ♥

    1. Hi Nica, hope you have a wonderful upcoming weekend :) I love the shorts too!! Yupyup wantable offer 3 type of subscriptions boxes, I personally wanted to try the intimate box so I decide to try this one first!!! Noproblem, anytime :)

  2. Replies
    1. I love the products I got from wantable too, hope you have a wonderful upcoming weekend :)

  3. I wanna try this box some day!

    1. It is a great subscirption box, so far I really like the items I got :)

  4. Happy weekend! Great goodies!

    1. Have a good upcoming weekend, thank you, I really like the items I got too :)

  5. oh i like everything in this box except the boyshorts cause my bum cannot handle boy shorts lol. i get a massive wedgie everytime i wear one ^^ i like their preference system tho, i thought that was a nice touch and the refund option. i wonder if you can refund just one item?

    1. Awww is okay, sometime I expereince the same thing too when I wear boyshorts lol, I love their preference system, is a wonderful touch so that you can update your profile anytime you want :)

  6. I love Wantable Intimates/Cosmetic box(s) but just too expensive for me.
    I did try both & was very happy with the selection they sent me & if there was something that wasn't me I gave to a friend who did.

    1. Awww I agree their box can be expensive, I also skip the June box due to my budget...I am happy to hear you have a great expereince with wantable, my experience with them are good too so far :)

  7. I wish we also have this here! I love all the items you got especially the pink undie and the boyshorts! :D