Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Origins Skin-brightening Face Scrub Impression + Thoughts

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am so excited to share with you all this facial scrub. I have been using various products from Origins for some time now, one of them is their skin-brightening face polisher, so here is a quick review for you all!!!!

What is Origins? 
Origins was established under the guidance of Dr. Lieve DeClercq, their products are "formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients, 100% natural essential oils and potent plants"!!! Origins is dedicated to the well-being of their beauty consumers and our planet!!!  Not only this, they manufacture using a combination of renewable resources, wind energy and earth friendly practices!! They offer various of high performance natural skincare products for both women/men and also other range of products like makeup, body/haircare products. -Origins

Where can I purchase Origins products?You can purchase their products at retail stores like Sephora ,Origins Online Store or The Bay retail store. Please visit their official website for more information. Click Here.

♥ Origins ~ Never A Dull Moment (125ml/4.2fl. oz)
"Finely ground Apricot and Mango seeds plus nature's potent extract from papaya dissolves lackluster skin to

Skin beams with youthful exuberance. Looks radiant, innocent, untarnished by time or the elements " - Origins

- made with 100% natural ingredients
- No animals testing, mineral oil,parabene, and phthalate free
- great for all skin type, mild skin-brightening face exfoilator (even great for my prone-sensitive skin)
- no irritation or burning sensation after use
- soften my skin, leaving it feeling refresh after used

- I love the smell!!! It so fruity, the hint of Mango,apricot with papaya extract smell so amazing!!! 
-Love the packaging (it come in a squeezable tube),
- price is slighty expensive
- Can get messy in the shower or at the sink area (this all depends where you plan to do your face scrub, in the shower or after shower)

**Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I purchased this from The Bay  **

Total Value?

How to use/ Tips:
- Rinse off with cold water if you experience discomfort
Remember to cleanse your face prior using this scrub and ensure to get your skin wet prior applying the scrub
-Genlty massage in cicular motions over clean face, rinse with luke-warm water
- keey away from eye area
- Can be use once a week

- First time user: Make sure to do a patch test 24 hours prior applying it to your whole face
- For best result: leave the scrub and massage over for face for 5-10 minutes prior rinsing it off

Will I repurchase?

My thoughts:

This product works really well on my prone sensitive skin, it really does brigten my skin!!! Plus, I have no irritation or burning sensitive after using this exfoliator. It is definitely a mild gentle scrub that works well for me!! Thus, my expereince with Origins have been great so far, there are a few other products that I really enjoy from Origins, I plan to share these with all of you in the next few months, so please stay tune!!!! On the other hand, the price of this scrub can be expensive, especially for students!!! However
, we all need a good scrub for both our face and body to gently exfoliates our dead skin!!! I definitely do recommend checking this product out.

What do you think of Origins (Never a Dull Moment Face Polisher) ? Will you give it a try? If you already try this product before, what are your thoughts? 



Janet H.

**Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I purchased this from The Bay **


  1. I have never used Origin before - thanks for sharing face Scrub review

  2. I have never used Origin before - thanks for sharing face Scrub review

  3. I've always wanted to try origin's mask as ive heard many great things.
    This one seems really nice, thanks for sharing!

    Stephanie | www.dearstephiiie.com

  4. We finally have this brand here Janet! They just launched almost a week ago and I'll look into this! Thanks for the helpful review. I love scrubs ever!

  5. I've been very happy with Origins products in the past and this seems really interesting! Glad it worked for you!

  6. Great review Janet! I have sensitive skin, and this is the only face scrub that works so far without irritating my skin. Love it!