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Little Life Box July 2015 Unboxing + Promo Code!!!!

After trying out Little Life Box one-month trail subscription box, I was quite pleased and decided to signed up for an additional 6 months subscription.
Here are my thoughts!!!

What is Little Life Box?
Little Life Box is a Canadian Subscription Service company, established under co-founders Chelsea and Suzanne! Little life box not only offer a healthier alternative for all their subscribers, it also allow their subscriber to venture out and try various products such as different brand of snacks, cosmetics, supplements, vitamins or any other natural/organic products in the market
-Little Life Box

What Subscription boxes do they offer?
Little Life Box offered 2 different boxes, subscriber can choose from the following: 
•  Original Box: various original blend of healthy alternative products which include gluten-free items, vegan, non-GMO, organic, etc.
• Vegan Box: various healthy alternative vegan products -Little Life Box

Get additional 10% off your first month when signing up for a monthly subscription.

• Note: This doesnot apply to pre-paid, multi-month options.

Subscription plans to choose from: 
• 1 Month Trail: 
$22.95 / box + $4.95 Shipping = $27.90 (+tax)
• Monthly Subscription: $19.95 / box + $4.95 Shipping = $24.90 (+tax)
• 3 Months Pre-Paid: $18.32 / Box + 3 months of $4.95 Shipping = $69.81 (+tax)

• 6 months Pre-Paid: $17.99/ box + 6 months of $4.95 Shipping = $137.64 (+tax)
• 1 Year Pre-Paid: $17.90/box + 12 months of $4.95 Shipping = $274.20 (+tax)

• Currently ship to Canada Only. 

While unboxing, I found the following products:

Subscription status: 6 months pre-paid 
(Cost $24.09 with shipping included. Currently Ship to Canada only)

Mrs. Crimble's Chocolate Coated Rice Cakes (FULL SIZE, 96g, 6 rice cakes/package, Value $5.79)
This chocolate coated rice cakes is made with puffed rice topped with delicious chocolate, they are also gluten/wheat free, plus it is bake not fried!!! -
Mrs Crimble's
I already try one of the rick cake, I really like this alot, it taste so gooooood. If you top it with a few slices of banana or strawberry (it is a wonderful combination), this is a great afternoon snack. Yum yum!!!!!

Ester-C Energy Boost Multi Vitamins and Mineral Supplement (FULL SIZE, 30 packets, Pomegranate flavor, Value $16.99) Ester-C has 1,000 mg of vitamin C per serving, they are a daily drink mix powder with vitamin C, B and electrolytes!!! Ester-C are clinically proven to last up to 24 hours in the immune system and are naturally sweetened/ very low calories too (only 29 cal per packet)!!!! - SISU
Deep River Snacks - Mesquite BBQ Flavor (Sample Size, 1oz, 28g, Value $0.50)This barbecue flavor chips has a perfect blend of mesquite, brown sugar, paprika, plus exotic spices - Deep River Snacks

Steripod Toothbrush Sanitizer (1 pack, Value $3.50)
Steriopod is a patent clip-on natural antibacterial toothbrush sanitizer, it works using "thyme active vapors" to keep your toothbrush smelling fresh and clean. It is lab-tested and provides up to 3 months protection - Steripod

Level Ground Loose Leaf Black Tea (FULL SIZE, 70g, 2.47oz, Value $6)This is a full-flavoured, traditional black tea, great drinking it plain or even with milk and sugar  - Level Ground I probably will try making chai tea with this :) I love chai :)  

Goodness Garden Organics Natural Sunscreen - Sport SPF 30(1pack, 6ml, Value $0.89)This is non-nano, organic sunscreen. Perfect for sports and all outdoor fun!!!! Made with plan-based ingredients to nourish/protect all skin types, even works well on sensitive skin too!!! - Goddess Garden

Goodness Garden Organics Natural Sunscreen - Everyday SPF 30 (1oz, 29.6ml, Value $4.44)This is a great everyday wear natural sunscreen, it is also made with plant-based ingredients and natural mineral. It has a strong water resistance rated up to 40 minutes and also it is certified to NSF/ANSI 305 bodycare organic standards - Goddess Garden

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 (1 Vanilla, 1 Chocolate, Sample Size, 2 X 15g, Value $2.50)HempPro 70 is water soluble  and has a smooth texture, it has over 20 grams of protein per 30 grams serving!!! It come in 3 delicious flavours such as chocolate, vanilla and original - Manitoba Harvest

St. Francis Herb Farm Matrice Mineral Maxtrix - Pure Dehyrated Goat Whey (Sample Size, 2 X 26g, Value $3.50)This is an ideal dietary supplement made with pure dehydrated goat whey, it is all natural, high concentreated whole food. - St. Francis It sound like a wonderful supplement, however I am not a big fan of goat products... I probably will be giving this out to my family or friends to try out!

Amazing Grass Original Raw Reserve green Superfood (Sample Size, 2, Value $4)Amazing Grass Raw Reserve contains twenty five billion probiotics per servicing!!! It is an ultimate combination of whole organic superfoods! - Amazing Grass

PureFit Granola Crunch (1 full size bar, 57g/bar, Value $2.49)It is the perfect combination of oats, agave, almonds, nuts, cinnamon and  granola. PureFit Granola Crunch it also made with gluten free oats. This bar is high in protein but low in fat - PureFit  Great pick me up snack!!!

Annie's Granola Bar (1 full size, 28g/bar, Value $1) - Annie'sThis is chocolate chip wheat free granola bar, I cant wait to try it out!!! I haven't try any Annie's products before, it is nice to be able to try something new and learn about this product!!! 

Various Coupons/ Information Sheet found inside the Box:
Among all the different products I received above, I also received various promo codes and few information cards too.

Total Estimated Value?
Purchased Value?
$24.09 CAD + shipping included

Will I repurchase?
Yes, most definitely!!!!

My Thoughts:

This is my second Little Life Box, I am very pleased with their subscription box, they have sold me again. The estimated retail value for the July Box is over $51.60 CAD, that an amazing value!!!! Not only did I received 3 full size product but also many various sample size products. I am so happy to see in the July Box, I received the natural sunscreen, this is a great product for the summer time!!! I am totally pleased what Little Life Box offered to their subscriber! Thus, I love their packaging, their box is so pretty!! On the other hand, even through they don't provide a detail information card of all the items you might received, one can go on their website to check out the 2015 Feature products list of all the various products one might receive in their box. In closing, I am enjoying my subscription and looking forward to what next month will bring!!!!
What do you think of July Little Life Box? Comments below. I love to hear from you.
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Janet H.
**Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I purchased this from Little Life Box **

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