Saturday, October 31, 2015

Little Life Box August 2015 Unboxing + Promo Code

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Happy Halloween everyone!!!

I am so excited to share with you all my August Little Life Box subscription box. 
Here is a quick review for you all!!!

Subscription status: 6 months pre-paid 
(Cost $24.09 with shipping included. Currently Ship to Canada only)

What is Little Life Box? 
Little Life Box is a Canadian Subscription Service company, established under co-founders Chelsea and Suzanne! Little life box not only offer a healthier alternative for all their subscribers, it also allow their subscriber to venture out and try various products such as different brand of snacks, cosmetics, supplements, vitamins or any other natural/organic products in the market -Little Life Box

What Subscription boxes do they offer?
Little Life Box offered 2 different boxes, subscriber can choose from the following: 
•  Original Box: various original blend of healthy alternative products which include gluten-free items, vegan, non-GMO, organic, etc.
• Vegan Box: various healthy alternative vegan products 
-Little Life Box

Get additional 10% off your first month when signing up for a monthly subscription.

• Note: This doesnot apply to pre-paid, multi-month options.

Subscription plans to choose from: 
• 1 Month Trail: 
$22.95 / box + $4.95 Shipping = $27.90 (+tax)
• Monthly Subscription: $19.95 / box + $4.95 Shipping = $24.90 (+tax)
• 3 Months Pre-Paid: $18.32 / Box + 3 months of $4.95 Shipping = $69.81 (+tax)

• 6 months Pre-Paid: $17.99/ box + 6 months of $4.95 Shipping = $137.64 (+tax)
• 1 Year Pre-Paid: $17.90/box + 12 months of $4.95 Shipping = $274.20 (+tax)

• Currently ship to Canada Only.

While unboxing my August Little Life Box, I found the following products:
Subscription status: 6 months pre-paid 
(Cost $24.09 with shipping included. Currently Ship to Canada only)

Tolan Skincare Foam Cleanser (50ml, Value $7.15)
Tolan's Facial Foaming Cleanser is great for daily use, it is formulated with natural coconut base plus aloe vera, it will moisturize for a healthy, youthful glow, lemon for a deep clean and lavender for a long lasting fresh scent, giving you an all around clean, refreshed feeling!! 

Free For All Kitchen - Gluten Free Brownie Thins (2 pack X1ozl, Value $2)
I already try one pack, I really like this snack alot, it taste so goood!! Great snack!!! This brownie thins is made with dutch coco, chocolate flakes, butter, cane sugar, cassava flour, whole grains amaranth, quinoa, millet, sorghum, teff, buttermilk, sea salt and potato starch- 
Free For All Kitchen
Ethical Bean Coffee - Rocket French Roast (70g,Value $2.70)
A hammering dark roast with dazzling dark cocoa-laced finished- Ethical Bean
I never try these coffee before, I cant wait to try it out,
it will be a great pick me up in the morning!!
I heart Keenwah Quinoa Puffs (2 X 43g, 2 package, Value $3.98)
These are gluten free, non-gmo, vegan snack, made with quinoa, it has 8g of protein in each package!! They are little quinoa puff!! - 
I Heart Keenwah

Four O'Clock Tea ( 4 tea samples, include cucumber mint, pink lemonade, chocolate spices, green tea chai Value $1.00)
I love tea, I cant wait to try these tea samples, it is always nice to venture out and try different type of teas - 
Four O'Clock

Solo Energy Bar (50g, 1 Bar Value $2.69)
This apple cinnamon with quinoa energy bar is gluten free has 10g of protein, a great natural energy bar!! - 
Solo Energy

Mediterra Sesame Energy Bar with Pistachio & Honey (1 Bar, Value $2.00)
This sesame energy bar is made with roasted sesame seeds, greek honey, fructose and aegina pistachios
 - Mediterra

Arome Oils Hand Lotion ( 0.5 oz, Value $0.75)
This hand lotion's made with shea butter, sunflower seed + avocado oils, great for moisturize and dehydrated our hands - 
Arome Oils

Tasty Bite Kung Pao Noddles (1 pack, Value $3.34)
This is a 1 minute noddles!! You only need to microwavable for 1 minute and is ready to be serve, it is also package in a microwavable pouch - 
Tasty Bite Yum yum!!!!!

Total Estimated Value?
Purchased Value?
$24.09 CAD + shipping included
Will I repurchase?
Yes, most definitely!!!!

My Thoughts:
This is my third Little Life Box, I am very pleased with their subscription box, they have sold me again. The estimated retail value for the August Box is estimated to be around $25.61 CAD!!!! I am so excited to see the coffee beans in my August Box, this is a great product for all coffee lover!!! I am totally pleased what Little Life Box offered to their subscriber! Thus, I love their packaging, their way they package the box is so lovely!! On the other hand, even through they don't provide a detail information card of all the items you received each, we can go on their website to check out their 2015 Feature products list of all the various products one might receive in their subscription box. In closing, I am enjoying my subscription and looking forward to what next month will bring!!!!
What do you think of August Little Life Box? Comments below. I love to hear from you.

Janet H.
**Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I purchased this from Little Life Box **


  1. Never tried this subscription before but seems like quite the deal :)

    Stephanie |

  2. Hi sis :) Wow! this box contains a lot of goodies. Hope they ship in our country too♥


  3. eee a box of food and skincare, this sounds great!! I haven't heard of this before, thanks for the intro!

    Macarons and Mischief

  4. There's so many interesting things like the Quinoa puffs haha! I think I would want the value of the box to be a bit higher but loved seeing what you got!
    Raincouver Beauty