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Little Life Box September 2015 Unboxing + Promo Code

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Today, I am very excited to share with you all my September Little Life Box subscription box. Here are my thoughts!

Prior me getting into this review I just want to apologize for the delay, I am really sorry. I have been very busy with school and work, I am slowly catching up in my blog posts, thank you for everyone patience and understanding.
Subscription status: 6 months pre-paid 
(Cost $24.09 with shipping included. Currently Ship to Canada only)

What is Little Life Box? 
Little Life Box is a Canadian Subscription Service company, established under co-founders Chelsea and Suzanne! Little life box not only offer a healthier alternative for all their subscribers, it also allow their subscriber to venture out and try various products such as different brand of snacks, cosmetics, supplements, vitamins or any other natural/organic products in the market -Little Life Box

What Subscription boxes do they offer?
Little Life Box offered 2 different boxes, subscriber can choose from the following: 
•  Original Box: various original blend of healthy alternative products which include gluten-free items, vegan, non-GMO, organic, etc.
• Vegan Box: various healthy alternative vegan products 
-Little Life Box
Get an additional 10% off your first month when signing up for a monthly subscription.

• Please Note: This doesn't apply to pre-paid and multi-months option.

Various subscription plans to choose from: 
• 1 Month Trail: 
$22.95 / box + $4.95 Shipping = $27.90 (+tax)
• Monthly Subscription: $19.95 / box + $4.95 Shipping = $24.90 (+tax)
• 3 Months Pre-Paid: $18.32 / Box + 3 months of $4.95 Shipping = $69.81 (+tax)

• 6 months Pre-Paid: $17.99/ box + 6 months of $4.95 Shipping = $137.64 (+tax)
• 1 Year Pre-Paid: $17.90/box + 12 months of $4.95 Shipping = $274.20 (+tax)

• Currently ship to Canada Only.

While unboxing this Little Life Box, I discovered the following products:

Bach Rescue Night Liquid Melts (28 Capsules, Value ~$10.00)
Rescue Sleep help calm your restless mind by providing natural relief of occasional sleeplessness. The 4 bach flower remedies and white chestnut helps remove stress and unwanted thoughts so that we can sleep better through the night.
 - Bach

Sisu U-Cubes Kids Multivitamins Gummies (2 packs, Sample Value ~$1.00)
What a great idea for kids to get their daily intake of essential vitamin. These are little chewy gummies, design for kids that taste just like candy. I got 2 samples, one for 
multivitamins, the other is the calcium & B3 supplement Sisu
Fourmi Bionique Gourmet Melange (60g, Value ~$2.50)
I love fruit and nuts trail mix!!! This package contains bitter-sweet chocolate, cranberries, dry strawberries, cherries, blueberries and roasted almonds. All these ingredients are things that I love to eat on a daily basis, I cant wait to try it out!! Fourmi Bionique
Bounce Energy Ball (47g bag, Value ~$2.25) 
I cant wait to try the Spirulina Ginseng Defence Kick energy ball,this will be a great snack after a good work out session. This energy ball combine superfoods like spirulina and ginseng, it's power-packed with vitamins and antioxidants Bounce
Mori-Nu Soft Silken Tofu (340g, 12oz, Value  ~$2.99)
Yumm, tofu!!! Tofu is one of my favorite food, I will try to used this to make Miso soup, cant wait to try it out!!! I never try this brand before, it will be nice to venture out and try a new brandMori-Nu

SunButter Sunflower Spread - Creamy (2 X 2 Tbsp, Value  ~$0.90)

Sunbutter is a great alternative and can be a substitute for peanut butter, the texture of sunbutter is creamy and smooth SunButter

Stash Organic Tea (2 X Green Tea, 1 X Cascade Mint, Value ~ $1.30)

Yum, I love all types of tea. I cant wait to try this out, I haven't try this brand before, what a nice out for me to venture out and try different type of green tea and mint tea Stash

LaraBar (1 Full Size Bar, Value  ~$2.00)
Yummmy, LaraBar!!! They are really great snack. I cant wait to try this Dark Chocolate pecan with Sea Salt LaraBar, it sound so delicious already Nothing cant go wrong, especially bar that have chocolate inside them!!! LaraBar

Theobroma 72% Organic Cocoa Chocolate (10 g, Sample, Value  ~$0.80)
I definitely have a sweet tooth, I cant wait to try this organic chocolate!!!Theobroma
I love...Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath (30ml, Sample Value  ~$0.75)
Oh wow, it smell so amazing, this is a lovely scent, I cant wait to use this in my next bubble bath, the combination of raspberry and blackberry sound so amazing, not only has a great scent, this product is soap free, ph balanced and paraben free too!!! - I love...

Grandma Emily Granola (2 pack 40g, Sample, Value  ~$2.00)
I love adding granola to my yogurt, I love how they are individual portions, great way for us to carry on the go and bring it to work or school! Grandma Emily

Land Art Optima Vitamin D Supplement (30ml, Sample, Value  ~$2.00)
I haven't try this brand of supplement before, it will be a great way for me to venture out and try different brand of supplement. I will try this once I finish up my current vitamin D supplement. Land Art

Total Estimated Value? $28.49 CAD

Purchased Value? $24.09 CAD + shipping included

Will I Re-purchase? Yes

Subscription status: 6 months pre-paid 
(Cost $24.09 with shipping included. Currently Ship to Canada only)

My Thoughts:

This is my fourth Little Life Box, I am very satisfied with their subscription box!! Throughout these 4 months, I haven't got any duplicate items, each box is unique in their own way. The estimated retail value for the month of September is around $28.49 CAD. I am so excited to see the varieties of products I received each month! I am looking forward to what next month will bring!!!!
What do you think of the September Little Life Box?  

Comments below. I love to hear from you.


Janet H.

**Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I purchased this box from Little Life Box **

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