Saturday, December 5, 2015

Holiday Gift Ideas - For him and her

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As we get closer to Christmas, are you looking for a Holiday gift ideas for your family, loved ones or friends?  In no particular order, I have complied a lists of wonderful gift ideas that would be perfect for your special someone either it is for "him" or "her"
**Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. All images are taken from various websites .
All products mentioned in this post are listed below.

Gift ideas for Her and Him

Skincare Cleaning Device• Have you consider getting a skincare cleaning device? A good cleaning device go a long way! Above are two types of skincare cleaning devices to consider as a holiday gift. There are many great holiday kit offer during Christmas season. This is a great gift to consider for him or her.
• Foero or Clarsonic

Skincare Products 
While considering shopping for a skincare device. You can also check out various holiday skincare gift sets.
• A Good skincare routine not only help rejuvenate our skin (for both men or women), but also keep our skin feeling clean and refresh all-day-long!
• Sephora or Retail Store - The Bay

Winter Boots or Shoes 
During the winter months it is nice to keep warm with a pair of comfy boots. You can also switch up your favorite pair of boots to match your personal style! Boots are also very fashionable!!! There are so  many varieties of winter boots to choose from! Check these out: • Sorel or Ugg or 

Scarf • During the cold winter months a gorgeous scarf can be a great Christmas gift, depending on your personal style and preference, there are so many cozy scarfs you can choose from! Here are some of my favorite brands and they also offered many scarf selections too!! Women: Aritzia or Abercrombie • Men: Zara or Abercrombie

Bags • Whether it is a hand bag, shoulder bag, backpack or camera bag (for photographer or camera lovers), a stylish bag is great for everyday use and can be an awesome gift for that special someone! 

Mugs (Coffee or Tea Drinker) • There are so many lovely mugs to choose from, some for also specially made for tea or coffee drinkers. It is always nice to use your favorite mug while zipping your favorite hot beverage on a cold breezy day!! Check these sites out: • Tea Drinkers check out these links: Teavana or Davidstea  • Coffee Drinkers check out these links: Starbucks or Phil & sebastian and  Rosso 

Headphones There are so many headphones or earphones to choose from, depending on the functionally, style, it can varies in price range too. Choosing the perfect pair can be a great gift for that special someone!!! Headphones or earphone are also great to listen music or for gaming purpose!  • Urbanears or Sennheiser 
Touch Screen Gloves (LCD)  • Have you noticed your hands getting really cold during winter? There are so many fashionable touch screen gloves to choose from, a stylish gloves are great for winter time!!! These gloves allow us to operate our smartphone while keeping our hands warm and cozy during cold winter days!  •Her: Nordstrom - Kate Spade  •Him: The Bay or Marks

Fitness Trackers Looking for ways to keep track of your fitness activities, a Fitbit, a Samsung Gear S2 watch or bellabeat can be your solution this year!! This great little gadget can help you keep track and maintain your daily activities!! This year there no more excuse for not exercising anymore!! :)
Little Gizmo or gadgets  Looking for an unique items, this website has it all!!! It is great place to shop and you can also shop by cateogy, they also sell items specially for Marvel, Star Wars series etc.
• Thinkgeek

DIY Treats 
Simple hand-made DIY treats can be one of the sweetest gesture, there are so many online recipes you can reference too or you can even personalize your favorite recipe and prepare these wonderful yummy treats for him or her!

Feeling Broke? If you are on a tight budget this year, a simple home cooked meal, a stroll at park or even a hand-made gift (simply made by you) are the perfect solutions! During this festive holiday season, what matter is spending quality time with your loved ones and it's the thoughts that counts not how expensive the gift is :)

Products Mentioned Above (Gift ideas):

Skincare Cleaning Devices: 

Men Pop Quiz Backpack, $69.99 CAD 

Urbanears Plattan, Value: $69.99CAD 

Little Gizmo  or gadgets
Iron Man Helmet Cufflinks, $49.99 CAD  

Fitness Devices:
Fitbit Charger HR, $179.95 CAD 
Samsung Gear S2, $429.99 CAD 
Bellabeat, $119.99 USD 

Touch Screen Gloves (LCD):
Kate Spade Tech Glove, $58.00 CAD 

Mugs (Coffee or Tea Drinker):
Rosso Cup, $24.00 CAD 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing this blog post up. In this post, I have listed all the products mentioned in the above Holiday Gift Ideas list.

What is your favorite Holiday gifts ideas? Comments below. I love to hear your thoughts.

Happy December everyone + Happy Shopping :)  


Janet H.
**Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. All images are taken from various websites . All products mentioned in this post are listed above. **


  1. I've been wanting a Clarisonic. I added it to my Christmas list this year. Fingers crossed!

  2. These are great gift ideas for so many people on my list. I love the idea of gifting Winter boots, because it's practical and totally appropriate for the upcoming months!

  3. Wow, you did a great job on this list. I still have gifts to buy, so this was very helpful.

  4. Good gift ideas. I'd love a pair of those boots and those gloves. You can never have too many pair of gloves.

  5. Definitely need some new scarfs and gloves and the clarisonic brush looks interesting. I have 2 but looking to try other brands. Great gift guide

  6. I totally need a new scarf and boots this year. We've had a mild winter so far, but it's going ot come sooner or later!

  7. These gifts look so nice! I love everything from the backpack to the scarves to the boots! Love those tan snowboots.

  8. Shoes and bags could really be great gifts. Techie items would also be a good gift.

  9. I love ThinkGeek for such awesome gifts! This is an exciting gift season for those of us who have Star Wars fans since the 70's - there are so many great options and I love that R2D2 refrigerator!

  10. I love the geek line-up. I love Funko POPs! I have a dancing groot and I love it!

  11. I love these gift ideas. My parents are giving me and my husband fitness trackers. If they weren't, I was definitely going to give my husband one this year.

  12. A fitness tracker is a really great idea for my SIL. She has been working really hard to make some health changes and this would be a great way to support her!

  13. Those Rosso Cups look like a perfect gift for coffee drinker! I'd love to get a Foero or Clarsonic skincare products for myself.

  14. A lot of great gift choices on this list! My husband swears by the Keep Cup that I got him a while back so I love that you have a couple on your list.

  15. So many great gift ideas there. I really love those cute mugs and that purple backpack!

  16. The R2D2 mini-fridge is amazing!!! you have a lot of good ideas here

  17. This is a really awesome gift guide! My hubby has been not so subtly hunting that he wants a fitbit this year for Christmas.

  18. this is a great selection of Christmas gift ideas. I love the Groot Funky Pop, I am not sure if i can give it away as a gift or keep it to myself, if i get one! :D