Monday, December 7, 2015

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions - First Impression + Review (Royal Remy in Chocolate Brown Shade)

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I always wanted to grow out my hair but unfortunately due to my hair being so fine and silky I am unable to grow past the shoulder length. Do you also have fine, silky hair and want to get a fuller, longer hairstyles? This might be a solution to consider. Today, i am so excited to share with you my thoughts on Irresistible Me Hair Extensions. Special thanks to Irresistible Me , I was given the opportunity to try out their Royal Remy 18" 200g Chocolate Brown hair extensions . Here is a quick review for you all!
**Disclaimer: This was received complimentary for review. Special Thanks to Irresistible Me **

What is Irresistible Me?
Irresistible Me is an online store that offer many great products to their beauty customers. They offer products like clip-in hair extensions like silky touch and royal remy (both line are made with 100% human remy hair). They also offer other products like hair tools, hair accessories, hair care and wigs for all their beauty customers. Irresistible Me
What is the difference between Silky Touch vs. Royal Remy?
• Silky Touch line is one of Irresistible Me best-selling line, it is made with 100% human remy hair perfect for someone who loves to add a bit of volume or length to their hair occasionally.  

• Royal Remy line is one of the top line hair extensions (completely unprocessed hair and has special treatment unique to Irresistible Me). This offer a silky look and durability which in return will last longer. Royal Remy one of the best hair extensions line you can find. 
Irresistible Me

My First impression? 
This is my first time trying hair extensions, I am very pleased and satisfied. I really like how it come in a packaged where it give you a sample sized (left portion) for one to first try it out and test the length, color and see if the extension is something you want and looking for. If the color and length doesn't match your hair color, as long the (right portion) is unopened, you can return or exchange no question ask.
**Disclaimer: This was received complimentary for review. Special Thanks to Irresistible Me **

**Disclaimer: This was received complimentary for review. Special Thanks to Irresistible Me **

♥ Irresistible Me Royal Remy 18" (200g - Chocolate Brown Shade)

"Royal Remy is a premium line made with 100% human remy hair. This line will last longer and will be the closest match you can find with completely unprocessed hair. This line is easy to blend, styled, curled with your own hair. If you are looking for longevity and volume, the Royal Remy line is the best choice you could make " Irresistible Me

**Disclaimer: This was received complimentary for review. Special Thanks to  Irresistible Me **

I got the 
Royal Remy 18" 200g Chocolate Brown hair extensions  ,in the packaged it come with a 10 pieces hair clips. It includes: 1 piece of 4 clips (7.5"), 2 pieces of 3 clips (6"), 5 pieces of 2 clips (4"), 2 pieces of 1 clips (1.2") (see the above and below pictures).
**Disclaimer: This was received complimentary for review. Special Thanks to Irresistible Me **
• it is 100% human remy hair
•  it is user friendly (I was able to easily clip this hair extensions and blend very well in to my own hair)
• Irresistible Me offer many helpful tips & tools for their beauty customers to go over prior considering their products, check out their fact sheet and youtube channel for more details.

• Royal Remy hair extensions is extremely silky and soft, it create a natural look!!!
• Chocolate brown shade match my hair colour so well, it blend in perfectly!!

• Love the packaging (it come in a resalable bag and a box for you to store your extension)
• They offer free exchange and returns (to all their Canada and USA customers)
• Orders over $150 dollars has free shipping and handling fees
• You can even dye, curl, style your hair extensions!!! :)

• It can be quite expensive. However, they do offer promotion code to their customers, check below on their current discount code.
Suggestions? Instead of just providing 2 pieces of 1 clips, I wish the package have more 1 clips and reduce the other clips. People with extremely fine hair,1 clips are easier to blend in with

**Disclaimer: This was received complimentary for review. Special Thanks to 
 Irresistible Me **
Total Value?
$279.00 CAD

Promo Code?
Irresistible Me is offering 20% discount on your first order, click here  for details. 

Tips and Tricks:
• Use a small comb to brush off hair to help untangle any knots (see above picture)
• Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to wash and dry the hair extensions
• Try straighten the ends of your hair prior putting on the hair extensions
• The hair extensions should be washed every 10 to 20 wears or when you are unable to style or there too many built up of hair products on the hair extension, you can washed the extensions right away
• Remember it is very important to moisturise your hair extensions to keep it silky and soft :)

My transformation:
**Disclaimer: This was received complimentary for review. Special Thanks to  Irresistible Me **
My thoughts:
This is my first time using hair extensions. I honestly really enjoyed using this product and it looks amazing on me. Not only does It create a natural look and blend-in very well with my own hair. The extensions is also very silky and give me the volume and length I been dreaming off, I really love how it turns out. I can not wait to style or curl these extensions and wear it to school, to work, to a party or even for everyday wear.

What do you think of Irresistible Me hair extensions?  Would you give it a try?

Comment below. I love to hear your thoughts.


Janet H.

**Disclaimer: This was received complimentary for review. Special Thanks to  Irresistible Me **


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